How do I find a guarantor?

happybunny123 (3 yrs ago)

I'm struggling to find, and don't have a guarantor. Who is the best person to ask to be my guarantor?

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

Our customer's top choices for guarantor’s

1) Family members/Friends - Our family and friends would love to help us out but they might not have that kind of money lying around. Acting as guarantor for you is the next best thing as they'll be able to help you get the money you need.

2) Bosses and work colleagues - People you work with are perfect, they know that you've got a steady income coming in each month, to make the repayments. Naturally you're going to be wary about sharing your business with people at your work, but there's nothing strange about needing a guarantor and asking for help, especially during a credit crunch.

3) Landlords - If your landlord is letting you live in their property they must know that you're reliable and therefore trust you to make the monthly repayments on your loan on time.

Once you have thought about who to ask, get yourself ready before speaking with them. Some things for you to do.

- Write down all of your income and expenses so you can show your guarantor you can afford to pay the loan back each month, meaning they wont have to.

- Make sure you understand everything about the loan. Your guarantor will want to know what their role involves. If you don’t know the answer, it will be here somewhere.

Before choosing your guarantor you need to make sure we'll be able to accept them. Take a look by clicking here.


Case study 1
John came to us because he had a previous default on his finances due to being unemployed for a period of time. He was in a stable job, but his parents and friends were not homeowner's. John lived in a rented flat, which belonged to a private landlord, and he had been there for three years. An FLM caseworker suggested he speak to his landlord and ask him to act as guarantor.

John's landlord was happy to do this, as he had been a reliable tenant.
Both landlord and applicant posted back the application to us, and we paid out the loan within 24 hours of it being processed.


Case study 2
Jean was looking to go away on a Christmas holiday for break with her kids. She wanted to take a loan out to pay for this, but due her past credit on a previous address, she was unable to. Until she came to FLM.

To start with, she did have a bit of difficulty finding a guarantor. Her parents weren't homeowners and were unable to help. She discussed the problem at length with here parents, who although initially sceptical, thought that they could talk to a close family friend, that her father had been in the army with.

Their friend Spencer, was more than happy to oblige as he had known the family for years.

Jean was ecstatic, and had a lovely Christmas break with her kids.

Comments (60) (4 yrs ago)

hi, i don't have a guarantor,
how can find me a guarantor?

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Hi Stephen, I wont be able to find a guarantor for you but I can point you in the right direction. The trick of finding a guarantor is thinking outside the box with who to ask. Your guarantor can be anybody; it doesn't have to be a family member or a friend. Think about your landlord or boss or someone you work with. Just someone that knows you'll pay the money back on time.

Have a think about who is in your life that owns their home and would want to help you out. When you've chosen someone make sure you double-check them against our guarantor rules.

taz (4 yrs ago)

what can i do if im unable to get or find a guarantor

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Hi Taz, sorry to hear you can't find a guarantor. I don't want you to give up though.

I can't really advise you on who exactly to ask to be your guarantor, because I don't know your friends. But after working here for 5 years I've learned that the main problem that most people have is being embarrassed to ask for someone's help. The best way to think about it is that you are just looking for someone who trusts you and knows 100% that you are stable enough and reliable enough to pay off the loan. Try looking at it from that viewpoint instead of thinking who you're comfortable asking.

Sit down and make a list of everyone you know and think about how much each of them trusts you.

Nizzee (4 yrs ago)


My mum was a previous guarantor to my partner, and he has applied for a top up loan. I dont know what her credit history is like but as far as i know it has always been good.....she probably would of missed a payment or two, but has always noticed and paid it as soon as she realised.....would this effect the final descision ?


FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Hi Nizzee, to answer your question, yes, missed payments can effect the chances of being accepted. But it's hard for me to say because it depends how late they were and for how much. When applying for a top up, we do have to credit check the guarantor again. Best advice I can give you and your partner is to go for it, the missed payments might not be that bad and we'll be able to issue the top up.

Good luck. (4 yrs ago)

Hi, We are still looking for a loan. But finding a garantor is difficult, and is holding us back. Although we can ask family & friends they would sign as a garantor but they too are not house owners. (4 yrs ago)

Hi, what if i cant find a guarantor is my loan still gonna be proceeded.
tanx... (4 yrs ago)

i tried hard to get a guarantor but i could not get it

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

HI Elaine, Yama_faal and ad510

I'm sorry to hear you're all struggling with the guarantor. I'm sorry guys, we can’t give you the loan without.

We've given you the best advice we can. Any customers out there that could recommend something? Who did you use, how did you go about approaching them?

CRayner (4 yrs ago)

Hello, thought I'd share my experience as a 20 year old (when I took out the loan).

Having old 'bad' accounts on my credit account meant I struggled to get a loan to help pay towards replacing my car. However that was a few years ago and haven't missed a single payment since. My parents are homeowners but couldn't afford to be a guarantor so didn't wish to burden them further, so I went to my grand-mother who was more than happy to put her name down next to mine.

I'm now 23 and only 3 months from paying off the loan without missing a single payment, FLM really helped and getting a guarantor was neither difficult nor embarrassing.

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Hi CRayner,

Many thanks for giving your experience with FLM and how you managed to get your guarantor.


srpleass (4 yrs ago)

What are the 'guarantors' duties/responsibilities in this agreement and at would making one late payment be enough to cancel the agreement and have the loan default to a point where a full refund will be required..?

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Hi srpleass, Your job as guarantor is to make sure that the loan is being paid back on time. As long as this happens, no charges will be added and you wont have to step up and make the repayments

nic5123 (4 yrs ago)

Can my husband be my guarantor? he is a home owner but the account the money would need to be paid into is joint with myself is that a problem?

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Thats great that you have asked your husband to be your guarantor.

You will need to have seperate accounts. The loan is always paid into the guarantors account which unfortunately cannot be joint with yourself, the applicant.

kerry464 (4 yrs ago)

Hi, I have found someone who is willing to be my guarentor, but they don't own their own home, they have a steady income etc but they rent their home
will this affect my chances?
Many thanks

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Remember that your guarantor always needs to be a UK homeowner. It is one of our main criteria that Jon posted at the top of this page. If they are renting then they will not be suitable.

There is no way that we can work around this part of the criteria.

Like I have suggested to many customers, its all about asking family, friends, landlords, neighbours etc.

J5W (4 yrs ago)

Getting a guarantor is out of the question for me, simply because the majority of my friends and family rent, but the loan is for a commercial vehicle (which in return will pay for itself) Could my loan be secured against the vehicle? What other loans do you have? I keep getting texts from FLM about a guarantor loan but I keep telling them no!

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

As a guarantor based lender we only provide unsecured guarantor loans.

We don't offer any kind of secured loan as we don't like the idea that somebody could lose a car, house etc.

adam ben (4 yrs ago)

if i have no one to be as my guarantor, can I still get the loan? or all the doors will be closed on me then ?

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Sorry, you will have to find a guarantor; it's the only way we'll pay out money. There's lots of advice in this answer bank on how to find a guarantor, have a look around, see if it helps.

lisa3421 (4 yrs ago)

my guarantor hasnt got a debit card but is a home owner will that make a difference

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

If your guarantor doesn't have a debit card they will have to have a credit card. To accept a guarantor we need to be able to take account details and some sort of card details.

claire (4 yrs ago)

I have found a guarantor. But they are a bit concerened what checks do you do on them. and dose the loan go in to my account or there

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

We have to credit check the guarantor to make sure they're ok to back your loan up. This is just a standard credit check, the same as any bank carries out, nothing to worry about.

We pay the loan into the guarantors' account, final check that they're happy to help you. Once it's paid out the guarantor will just transfer it over to you.

jjjj (4 yrs ago)

im hoping to be a garantor for someone however im worried about my credit score if i get knocked back for this could the applicant find someone else

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Hopefully all going well, you will meet all the neccessary criteria that we require to be a guarantor. However if you do fail the credit check, the applicant can try and find another guarantor.

It would be a good idea to check out your credit report online before hand to see what your rating is like. Try a company such as Experian.

Gerald (4 yrs ago)


Would you accept the garantor-if they do not have a monthly income, but a homeowner and prove that they have £50K savings in the bank?

FLM Loans (4 yrs ago)

Hi Gerald,

That's no problem. When you go through your application process your guarantor will be asked to provide bank statements to show they have savings.

1999 (3 yrs ago)

I don't have a guarantor, what shuold I do?

FLM Loans (3 yrs ago)

If you can't find a guarator, we won't be able to help you as all of our loans require a guarantor to back the application.

dani28 (3 yrs ago)

I have a possible guarantor, they want to know which account monthly payments come from? Also she is not telling her husband about helping me out. Her concern is will it show any were when she comes to re mortgage in 2 years time? Will it affect or show on her file?

FLM Loans (3 yrs ago)

The monthly payments come from your account each month. If you're unable to pay and miss a payment then your guarantor makes the payment for you from the debit card they will have provided us.

The loan will not show on her credit file so it will not affect any re-mortgaging plans.

gavin121 (3 yrs ago)

hi there my mum has a loan with you and uses my nan as the guarantor. Can i use her aswell.

FLM Loans (3 yrs ago)

No you can't use a guarantor who is guarantor for someone ese, this would be considered irresponsible of us to let your nan be guarantor for two loans at the same time.

debzy (3 yrs ago)

i have my mum that is more than willing to be my garantor but she is a council tennant herself my bank wont do it my doctors wont and my landlord is the reason for this loan i need help big time as im desprate for this loan asap.

FLM Loans (3 yrs ago)

If your guarantor is a council tenant, and not a homeowner herself we wouldn't be able to accept her unfortunately. Your guarantor must meet all of the criteria otherwise we won't be able to process your application

shanna (3 yrs ago)

my mum has said she will stand gurantor for me but her bank account is joint with my dad. will you need to know which paid ins are hers or can both my mum and dad stand gurantor?

FLM Loans (3 yrs ago)

If your guarantor has a shared account with your Dad, that's fine. We will confirm over the phone her income and expenditure, it doesn't matter that there will be other money going into the same bank from your Dad.

rajesh (3 yrs ago)

hi i applied for loan and i have friend he got good credit rating and he is running off-license shop but he is not a homeowner can i select him as a guarantor please advice me

FLM Loans (3 yrs ago)

Our criteria is that your guarantor must be a UK homeowner - if the person you have in mind doesn't own their own home they wouldn't be suitable as your guarantor

belfast (3 yrs ago)

hi im just wondering can i use a guarantor who gets help from the bru to pay her rent till the huz she lives in a landlords huz please advice me

FLM Loans (3 yrs ago)

Your guarantor must be a homeowner, so by the sounds of it we wouldn't be able to accept the person you have in mind.

Sand (2 yrs ago)

Is the guarantor responsible for paying the loan if any payments are missed? (Not that they will be my guarantor just wanted confirmation)

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

Hi Sand,

Yes, if your Direct Debit bounces or your payment is late we will send a text to you and your guarantor to let you both know, we will then attempt the payment from your debit card. If it fails we will then attempt the payment from your Guarantors debit card as agreed in the verbal and written agreement.

adel22 (2 yrs ago)

Im going to be moving out of my parents home and I need a guarantor. I dont know anyone accept for my parents landlord which are a housing association can I have a landlord has my guarantor

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

Yes, landlords are one of our customers top choices for guarantors. If your landlord is letting you live in their property they must know that you're reliable and therefore trust you to make the monthly repayments on your loan on time. Remember, they do need to meet all of our criteria -UK Homeowner, aged between 23 and no older than 70 by the time the loan ends, have a good credit history, earn at least £800 a month and they cannot be a guarantor for someone else's FLM Loan, in order to be accepted as an FLM guarantor.

Jackson7 (2 yrs ago)

which Family member can be a guarantor

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

As long as they meet all of our criteria, any family member can stand as your guarantor :)

Lou123 (2 yrs ago)

I would like to ensure about a loan but if I complete the application process does that mean I have to take the loan. Also what information would you require from my guarantor?

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

Once you have applied you can choose to cancel the loan at anytime before it is paid out at

Once the loan has been paid out, you have a right to withdraw within 14 days of the loan being paid out.

The main thing we ask your guarantor is that they're happy to stand for you. We need them to agree that if you fail to make the repayment, we will take the money from them. It's their responsibility to make sure you don't fall into arrears and trouble.

Other things we'll confirm with them...

- The loan amount
- The repayment term
- Their basic details
- Their income and expenditure
- Their personal bank details
- Their responsibility as a guarantor
- The date of the repayment

spike1982 (2 yrs ago)

so they way it looks is that the guarantor gets the money not you in person ? and he or she has to pay you it ?

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

The loan is for you, you sign the credit agreement which means you are legally responsible for the loan and are required to repay the monthly payments over the life of the loan. IF and only if you miss a payment then we contact the guarantor to make the payment for you. The guarantor signs the Guarantee and Indemnity, which means they agree to be responsible for the loan as well if you fail to make the repayments in any circumstances.

The loan is paid out into the guarantors account to protect them from fraud, this is our standard practice. The guarantor can then transfer the money to you, and you are required to make the repayments on the date that you agree with us over the phone prior to payout.

Shel246 (2 yrs ago)

My mum works full-time and rents her house same as my dad can they be my guarantor and both earn more then you are asking for

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

Whoever you choose to be your guarantor they must own their own property or have a mortgage on the property.

If your mum owns her house and rents it out to tenants then that's fine.

If your mum is a tenant herself and does not own a property then I'm afraid you will need to find someone else who is a UK homeowner, aged 23-67 with good credit.

diane (2 yrs ago)

I have found a guarantor but they feel they wont be accepted due to no credit history her scores come out too low even though she has no CCJ or defaults. Would she still be able to stand as a guarantor. She meets all other criteria.

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

It's difficult to say without looking at her credit file myself. However, the good thing about FLM is that we don't use computers to judge whether you are allowed to get a loan. We look at each person individually and see whether they are suitable. I would say it's worth a try. So both of you need to sign the credit agreement (the form you were posted and/or emailed) and send it back to us. We will then be in touch with you both to let you know whether it's a pass or decline on the guarantor's credit file.

shelley (2 yrs ago)

i cant find a guarantor does that mean the application wont go through as am really desperate for a loan ?

FLM Loans (2 yrs ago)

We only offer guarantor loans so you do need a guarantor to continue with the application. For help finding a guarantor go to this link:

If you still can't find a guarantor then you can cancel your application at